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Andrzej Wróblewski

1927 - 1957 A Polish painter, graphic artist, art historian and art critic. He formed an informal Self-Education Group at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Andrzej Wajda, Witold Damasiewicz, Jan Tarasin, Przemysław Brykalski). He is one of the most important representatives of the modern figurative painting. The author of Executions cycle (1949/49), one of the most relevant and faithful accounts of death and atrocities of World War II in art of 20th century. 

Works in collections: National Museum in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wrocław, Szczecin, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, Museum in Lublin,  Jacek Malczewski Museum in Radom, Museum in Toruń, The Polish Army Museum in Warsaw
Selected exhibitions: Zderzak Gallery, Krakow (1993); retrospective exhibition,  Zachęta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (1997); Chicago Cultural Center (2001); Galeria In Spe, Warsaw (2002); To the Margin and Back Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2010); Galerie Isabella Czarnowska, Berlin (2011); National Museum, Krakow (2012); Spectra Art Space, Starak Family foundation, Warsaw (2014); Recto/Verso 1948-1949, 1956-1957, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (2014/2015); Wróblewski according to Wajda, The Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Krakow (2015); retrospective exhibition, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (2015).


gouache, ink, paper | 29,4×41,5 cm

gouache, paper | 29.5 × 21 cm

ołówek, papier | 20,8 x 30,9

mixed media on paper | 99,6 x 150,8 cm


oil, canvas | 92 x 62 cm

watercolor, gouache, ink, paper | 105,5×85 cm

gouache, cardboard | 102 x 61 cm

gouache, paper | 127 x 98 cm 

gouache, paper | 65 x 90 cm 

watercolor, paper | 21 x 15 cm

92 x 82 cm | olej, płótno

gouache, paper | 67 x 90 cm 

ink, gouache, paper | 36 x 44 cm

watercolor, gouache, ink, paper | 89,5×126,5 cm

gouache, paper | 29,6×41,8 cm 

gouache, cardboard, canvas | 118 x 89 cm

oil, canvas | 148 x 190 cm

ink, paper | 31,2 x 45,2 cm

oil, tempera, paper | 61 x 43 cm


oil, canvas | 120 x 139,5 cm
oil, canvas | 100 x 138 cm

oil, canvas | 93 x 40 cm

oil, canvas | 60 x 65 cm
oil, canvas | 85 x 61 cm

gouache, paper, canvas | 98 x 127 cm

oil, cardboard | 86 x 61 cm
gouache, paper | 41 x 29,3 cm
gouache, paper | 41 x 29,5 cm
gouache, paper | 29,5 x 41 cm
gouache, paper | 29 x 40,8 cm
gouache, paper | 30 x 42 cm
watercolor, pencil, paper | 29,5 x 41,8 cm
ink, paper | 22 x 33 cm
gouache, paper | 89 x 126 cm

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