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Spectra Edu implements the statutory goals of the Starak Family Foundation regarding the education and growth of young talented people. Thanks to the "Wena" Grant Program, it supports students and teachers from public secondary schools of fine arts in the implementation of their original educational and artistic projects. The program creates a space for their passions and ideas and enables its participants to look at art within a new, exciting framework. The Horizons Scholarship Program, implemented together with the Roman Czarnecki Educational Foundation, supports young people from families with financial difficulties, giving them an opportunity to learn and grow in the most interesting high schools and technical schools in Poland.

Jerzy Starak: “In Poland, just as anywhere else in the world, there are wonderful, talented young people. However, many of them have limited access to modern technologies and scientific tools. They come from areas where educational institutions and language centers are scarce. This often results in a sense of discouragement. Young adults are forced to “try their luck” abroad. Therefore, we believe we need to support them here, starting today. We must create conditions that enable young people to grow and that can compete with those available to their peers in other countries. Only then we will be able to convince students and workers to stay, so that the next generation can draw on their ingenuity and success. This is a crucial part of our work at the Foundation.”


Following the Founder’s vision, the Spectra Edu project implements the goals of the Starak Family Foundation relating to the education and growth of young gifted people. Since its establishment in 2008, the Foundation has granted numerous individual, academic and sports scholarships. It has helped students by supporting them financially at the beginning of their education at prestigious universities both in Poland and abroad. It has financed sports equipment, outstanding coaches and gifted sportsmen along their professional career.


  • Through the “Wena” Grant Programme, the Foundation supports students and teachers from secondary schools of fine arts in the implementation of their original educational and artistic projects. The program began in 2019.
  • The “Horizons” Scholarship Programme, implemented in cooperation with the Roman Czarnecki Educational Foundation, supports young people with financial difficulties by granting them academic scholarships. The Starak Family Foundation partnered with the EFC Foundation in 2016.




Spectra Edu
ul. Bobrowiecka 6, 00-728 Warszawa



Karolina Kępczyk
Coordinator of the "Wena" Grant Program / Media communications manager




“It all starts with just a pencil and paper,” – says Jakub Strzelecki, the Commissioner of the 9th All-Polish Self-Portrait Drawings Biennale of Fine Arts School Students – Radom 2023. On 15 March, the “Wena” Gallery of the Starak Family Foundation at ul. Bobrowiecka 8 in Warsaw opened its 1st temporary exhibition of works created by fine arts school students, awarded, and distinguished at the Self-Portrait Drawings Biennale. The gallery was created to highlight the youngest artists.



Five editions of the Starak Family Foundation’s “Wena” Grant Programme Competitions and their lasting effect, in both the broad and narrow sense, culminated in the December 2023 opening of the “Wena” Gallery, the exhibition space of the Starak Family Foundation at ul. Bobrowiecka 8 in Warsaw.



In the calendar of the "Horyzonty" Scholarship Programme, the end of August sees an integration meeting of male and female scholarship holders qualified to participate in the Programme. So far, this event has taken place in the Tri-City. This year, for the first time, it took place in the capital, where the two Foundations implementing the "Horyzonty" Scholarship Programme: The Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation and the Starak Family Foundation have their headquarters and carry out their activities.

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