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The Horizons Scholarship Program, managed in partnership with Roman Czernecki Foundation, supports high school students from rural areas and low-income families. Horizons are an expression of our belief that as an educational foundation is obliged to approach education as broadly as possible. The scholarship enables middle school and secondary school graduates from rural and small-town areas to study in the best and most inspiring high schools and technical schools in the country.


As part of the Foundation's collaboration with schools, dormitories and local non-profit organizations, the Program offers summer and winter holidays, a chance to participate in social projects, volunteering opportunities and complex support adjusted to the needs of every EFC scholar. It also means financial and material support throughout four years of high school, which covers the costs of living, food, school payments, learning languages etc. The Horizons Scholarship Program offers financial and material aid. However, first and foremost, it supports scholars in their personal growth and in cultivating their passions. The Program is addressed to empathetic, curious young people. We wish to help them build that curiosity and openness towards diversity, while drawing from their history and traditions. On the intersection of those values, they will be able to build a strong identity and sense of self-worth, which will enable them to face new challenges.


The Starak Foundation currently finances 120 scholarships.
The Horizons Scholarship includes:

  • a chance to study in the most compelling high schools and technical schools in the Poland;
  • extracurricular English classes and a language certificate;
  • room and board;
  • winter and summer vacations filled with workshops, sports and English classes with American volunteers;
  • regional coordinators' and therapist's care and support;
  • friendly and safe conditions for personal development under the careful eye of a tutor;
  • mentorship program which supports individual interests and career choices;
  • a chance to meet energetic, positive and motivated peers;
  • workshops and social projects.


Our partnership with the Starak Foundation is not only an accomplishment in terms of the scope and scale of our scholarship program. It is also an unprecedented example of the fact that NGOs are ruled by different laws than the market here, in Poland. There is no competition or patents. Working together we can achieve more, faster and at a lower cost and each penny saved on administration is for the benefit of our scholars.

– Igor Czernecki, head of the Czernecki Foundation board


Who do we address our Programme to?

The Horizons Scholarship Programme is addressed to students who graduate from elementary schools and wish to continue their education in a high school or vocational school in a larger city. Our Fellows should:

  • plan to continue their education in one of the state secondary schools collaborating with the EFC Foundation
  • show good or promising educational records
  • come from a town of up to 30,000 inhabitants
  • their average monthly income per family member must not exceed 1550 PL


How to apply?

The call for applications for the Horizons Scholarship takes place once a year, from 15 February to 31 March. In order to apply, please fill in the online questionnaire on the EFC Foundation website. The form needs to be filled in by the candidate together with his/her parent/legal guardian. You are welcome to contact regional coordinators or the EFC Foundation head office.


For the second time, the First-Year Scholars of the 2023 / 8th Edition of the “Horizons” Scholarship Programme, operated by the EFC Foundation and the Starak Family Foundation, met at the Starak Family Foundation head office, where arts interact with science.

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