Martyna Sakowska
October 24 - November 22, 2020

In Autumn, we do the digging in our garden. We find bones of the previous generations, which shrank like a sweater in the wash. We use them for creating sophisticated necklaces for trees and flowers. Earthworms are jealous. Creeping, they try to gain something. Then, disconsolate, they depart deep underground, towards the Jurassic strata. Their slimy creep inside the Earth crust arouses hardly noticeable tectonic tremors, which cause the tree branches to move bashfully.
Poorly attached leaves fall to the ground. We rake them, count them, and segregate them into those reusable and those non-reusable. We pin the former ones again to the branches at a regular spacing. We impale the latter ones on long sticks and roast them on a tyre campfire.

Maryna Sakowska


 Maryna Sakowska – born in 1992, deals with artistic fabric, painting, embroidery, and texts. Creates multithreaded stage design installations out of fabrics and objects. Deconstructs visual cultural codes, by illustrating such basic ideas as nature, love, beauty, home, work. Attempts to capture the essence of magical thinking. Happens to allude to true and made up stories using superstitions, personal experiences, and poetry. Graduated from the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the University of the Arts Poznan. Three times finalist of the Hestia Artistic Journey contest (2017, 2018, 2019), finalist of the Geppert competition 2020. Ambassador of the Sandra Gallery.

SOON_55  Martyna Sakowska
SOON_55  Martyna Sakowska
SOON_55  Martyna Sakowska
SOON_55  Martyna Sakowska
SOON_55  Martyna Sakowska
SOON_55  Martyna Sakowska
SOON_55  Martyna Sakowska

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