Jakub Słomkowski
4th - 29th November 2013

A fortress, a defensive structure, at times represented as a fortified town or a monastery. A mysterious place which defends its precious interior and safeguards its secrets. Inside, tasks are performed and a strategy is developed in the atmosphere of concentration. It is a safe place, Far from the threats of the outside world. This is the analogy that came into Kuba Słomkowski’s mind when he set foot in the Spectra building.
Beautiful and determined in its raw elegance, like a research station, it makes the impression of being under a special protection, fully safe, orderly.

According to Słomkowski, a fortress is a place from which workers can observe the outside world and the sense of safety, the atmosphere of independence, a special type of competition permit the determination of a special position towards it. The energy of the observer – explorer is within the area of the artist’s interest. The strategic element is the magnifying glass, which enables the details, grains, scraps of reality that are invisible to the naked eye to be noticed. There are many things that, through looking inside, change their meanings, transform, gain a new dimension. It turns out that reality covers, like the lunar dust, the mysteries of the definitions.

Jakub Słomkowski – born in 1982, a graduate of the Faculty of Painting, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. A painter, performer, musician, poet, actor. Awarded an honourable mention in the international Pintura rapida en Castellar de Jean competition in Spain; the first-prize winner in the Herbert Year’s logo competition organised by the National Library. The author of performances, e.g. “Sixty minute thief”, the Ujazdowski Castle; “Shortages in the commune cooperative”, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art; “Styx”, the 2nd Festival of Ephemeral Art in Sokołowsko. The originator of the Dinner in the Steelworks in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski. A member of Parque - no, Dzianina Foundation, Nie z tej Bajki Association.

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