Pamela Bożek
oraz Zaira Avtaeva, Zalina Tavgereeva, Liana Borczaszvilli, Makka Visengereeva, Khava Bashanova, Ajna Malcagova
August 3 - August 24, 2020

Your Things is a 20-metre fabric created in the Centre for Foreigners in Łuków by female migrants from Chechnya, while waiting for being granted international protection. The work was made under a mini-grant of the FemFund executed in cooperation with “For the Earth” Association according to the concept and idea of the artist, Pamela Bożek. 
Sewn from the surplus clothes given for a charitable collection, this fabric physically and symbolically connects the stories of many people, crossing territorial and cultural borders. Its nature remains open, its value has a fluid status – of a product involved in mechanisms of Capitalism, of a worn and unwanted thing, then of a “gift” that cannot be accepted, to ultimately be transformed into a piece of art arousing such a great interest that it is divided between institutions of art. Also the form of presentation of Your Things and the context in which it can be read change – the narratives woven by its creators each time require a re-interpretation. This is a nomadic, wandering object, and its involvement and history expand as a result of interweaving fates and experiences of successive persons engaged in its existence. Created by the hands of many women, subsequently divided, the fabric is re-connected by the artist as part of the SOON project.

Pamela Bożek – born in 1991; artist and activist, graduate from and doctoral student of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. As an artist, she performs post-artistic, most often participatory, actions, and at the social level she relies on building communities and ties. Publishes the “Wiza-Vis” magazine, facilitates the “Notebooks from Łuków” project.

SOON_53  Pamela Bożek
SOON_53  Pamela Bożek
SOON_53  Pamela Bożek
SOON_53  Pamela Bożek

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