Marta Hryniuk
Keep vertical
31st July - 21st August 2015

The installation “Keep It Upright” brings an aesthetic dissonance to the sterile surroundings of the Spectra office building. Paradoxically, by covering the panel, the artist wishes to uncover its meanings and indicate the conditions of its existence and the exhibition convention within which it functions. The sense of discomfort triggered by the unsteady structure and use of temporary materials refers also to the video images displayed on TV sets. Individual videos record unsuccessful attempts to stand on one’s head on the seashore, when the body becomes a plastic material and, while balancing, it transforms into strange surrealistic figures. These endeavours are also a gesture of objection and reversal of meanings. Moreover, as the artist strives for perfection, she imposes discipline in the cyclic and tedious exercises on herself. This self-disciplining strategy, adopted and accepted in the work on the presented project, becomes also its theme.

Marta Hryniuk born in 1991 in Warsaw; awarded her diploma in the 3rd Studio of Painting run by Prof. Wojciech Łazarczyk at the University of the Arts Poznan in 2014; currently, a student at the Academy of Art in Szczecin; has been working on the independent artists’ run space Silverado with Marta Węglińska and Maciej Nowacki since 2013. Took part e.g. in: “Test Exposure”, Wro Biennial in Wrocław, “Musraramix” in Jerusalem, “Description” in WRO Art Centre in Wrocław, “A sweet disease” in BWA Tarnów, “Young wolves” in Szczecin, “Kontakte” in Villa Zanders in Bergisch Gladbach, “Focus + Indonesia” in the National Museum in Szczecin, “Hryniuk / Koszewnik / Łazarczyk / Olszewski / Polska / Rudzin” in Re MOCAK Gallery in Kraków, “Bonus track” in Hermann Villa in Poznań, and festivals “Altofest” in Naples and “Duo days” in Belfast. Participated in a mobile artist-in-residence programme in Indonesia.

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