Magdalena Łazarczyk
If this had not happened
29th September - 17th October 2014

As the plot proceeds, it can branch off in various directions each of which leads to a different ending. There are many such variants and even more types of the individual variants.

                                                            Alain Robbe-Grillet, La Jalousie


What is important for the artist in the installation “Had it not happened” is the context of the place. Numerous office facilities are hidden from people from the outside; cut off from the world, inaccessible. The artist has reduced the characteristic atmosphere of such spaces to a simple symbol of blinds behind which something that stimulates your curiosity and imagination and gives rise to your anxiety is hidden.

The work by Magdalena Łazarczyk disturbs the border and the coexisting real and arranged elements make the space unreal. The sounds of crickets, the omnipresent vegetation, the light coming in give you the sense of openness to the outside although in reality you are closed under a glass dome inside an enormous building. The blinds, on the one hand, attract your eyes, and on the other hand, could be a source of the “hidden” on the other side. The arising question is whether the other side means being outside or inside, being the observed or the observer. You become a participant in a game of meanings which move the whole space around and change your perception.

Magdalena Łazarczyk – born in 1985; a student at the Faculty of Media Art, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Studio of Spatial Activities run by Prof. Mirosław Bałka and the Studio of Photographic Narration run by Prof. Prot Jarnuszkiewicz. In her activities, she uses media such as video, photography, installation. This year’s finalist of the Hestia Artistic Journey 2014 and last year’s finalist of the Fish Eye Young Art Biennial 7 competitions. Took part in numerous exhibitions, e.g. “Self-love. Or artists love themselves” in PGS Sopot Gallery, “Certainty” in Warsaw BWA Gallery, “Visible – Unspoken” in the Contemporary Art Museum in Minsk, “Hryniuk / Koszewnik / Łazarczyk / Olszewski / Polska / Rudzin” in Re MOCAK Gallery in Kraków. Published her works in the Zwykłe Życie magazine. Lives and works in Warsaw.

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