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The 1st edition of the competition of the Grant Program "Wena" of the Starak Family Foundation was organized in the school year 2019/2020 - a competition for an educational and artistic project on any topic.  


We were pleasantly surprised by the wide response from schools, teachers, and students as we received 58 applications with ideas for educational and artistic projects. The Competition Jury recommended 11 projects for the Foundation Board’s consideration for the awarding of grants. Most of the projects, in spite of the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the resulting schedule shifts, were splendidly implemented.


An example of one of the most interesting projects is "Tracing Polish Minerals Used in Jewelry. Striped flint - a stone of optimism," in which students from the Art School Complex in Katowice created original jewelry designs. The final effect of the students' and teachers' work was presented at an exhibition at the District Museum in Sandomierz. A set of three brooches "Flint Landscapes" by Martyna Przegendza and a pendant "Loneliness" by Dominik Gocała were honored and included in the permanent collection of the Sandomierz Museum with the world's only collection of jewelry and art objects created with striped flint endemically occurring in the Sandomierz area. In the opinion of the artists, the works of all the participants in the project stood out for their interesting form, precision of workmanship, and freedom of combining precious metal with graphic, painterly stone.


The ceremonial presentation of grants of the first edition of the competition took place on September 28, 2019, at the Starak Family Foundation headquarters during the Gala inaugurating the "Wena" Grant Program. The Gala was attended by Anna and Jerzy Starak, Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak, as well as members of the Competition Jury and invited guests associated with the world of art and culture, including: Andrzej Pągowski, Bartosz Górny, Michał Zaborowski, Paweł Grunert, Małgorzata Bela, Maria Sadowska and Małgorzata Szumowska.



A school presentation of a series of dioramas made using spatial models, showing the world outside the window, ended on 23 June with a project awarded in the 3rd edition of the Starak Family Foundation's "Wena" Grant Programme entitled „Świat z mojego okna” or "The world from my window". "The world from my window" - a project of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Poznań entitled „Poza ramy dioramy" or "Outside the frame of a diorama”.


The premiere of the final multimedia show, prepared by third-year students of the Wojciech Gerson State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Warsaw, took place on 21 June at the headquarters of our Foundation. The event crowned the Starak Family Foundation's "Wena" Grant Programme, awarded in the third edition of the competition, entitled „Świat z mojego okna” or "The world from my window" - a project entitled „Pokój. Światło. Sieć” or  "Peace. Light. Network”.


Places are made by people. Silesia is dotted with blocks of flats inhabited by thousands of people who rarely know each other. The idea for an educational and artistic project by students of the Józef Pankiewicz State Secondary School of Visual Arts in Katowice entitled „Jeden widok, inne spojrzenia” or "One view, different points of views" was born and awarded in the 3rd edition of the Starak Family Foundation's "Wena" Grant Programme Competition entitled „Świat z mojego okna” or "The world from my window". "The world from my window" was set actually and mentally in the Silesian agglomeration. The young artists tried to bring the audience closer to the stories of Silesians living in one block of flats in a Katowice housing estate.

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