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Social poster as a medium for art and culture

The students of the Jozef Czapski Fine Art High School in Grudziadz, within the frame of the Wena Grant Programme organised by the Starak Family Foundation, realised a project under the title “Social poster as a medium for art and culture”. The result of their work was a social campaign utilising posters presented in 10 different locations all over the city of Grudziadz. The works referred to important social issues such as ageism or adoption of pet animals. A series of 12 posters was created by 14 students under the guidance of Iwona Liegmann, PhD. The works were made using the innovative Digital Painting method, which was possible thanks to an acquisition of a graphic tablet which enabled hand-drawing in a graphic software. The acquisition was made possible thanks to the Wena grant.


The crowning moment of the project was an exhibition of the posters held at the Priest Wladyslaw Lega Museum in Grudziadz, which opened during the Museum Night. Its online version was visited by more than 1000 people! Additionally, the posters encouraging to adopt a pet were presented on the fencing of the municipal animal shelter. The works created for the project enhance the local inhabitants’ awareness of two important, Grudziadz-based NGOs: the Centre for Animal Care and the “Wspolnie” Society for the Benefit of the Elderly and the Intergenerational Integration.


While realising the project, the students acquired a number of new skills in the fields of poster art, social campaigns and exhibition production. Additionally, the students have learned to cooperate with partnering organisations. While working on the project, the students have shown that they are empathetic and tolerant. Once again, we would like to congratulate them on the project and thank them for the beautiful message that was transferred through their art. We encourage you to view the final works as well as the film documenting the project. Read more…



Lead teacher – Iwona Liegmann, PhD, conducts drawing and painting classes at the school. She is a painter and holder of scholarships granted by the Polish Ministry of Culture, the Stelverk Zollverein Foundation from Essen and the British Council. She did her postgraduate studies in the field of painting at the Robert Gordon University in Scotland and holds a doctorate in the field of fine arts. She is also an activist fighting for the recognition of animal rights.

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