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The theme of the 4th edition of the nationwide "Wena" Grant Program Competition is "The art of fixing the world". 


The Competition task is to prepare an original, educational and artistic project, using widely understood means of artistic expression, reflecting the theme "The art of fixing the world". This theme is described in more detail on the home page of the "Wena" Program, in the announcement concerning the launch of the 4th edition of the contest. 


Who can apply?


The following can apply: 

  • public and non-public four-year high schools of visual arts with the status of public schools. 
  • public and non-public five-year high schools of visual arts with the status of public schools 


Hereinafter in all documents: „High Schools for the visual arts".  


The competition is open. The application is submitted by the teacher responsible for the implementation of an educational-artistic project in his/her school. The project must be carried out by a team of at least five students under the supervision of the teacher in charge. 


What is the maximum grant amount?


The maximum amount of the grant awarded in the Contest for one project is 16.000,00 Polish Zlotys (in words: sixteen thousand Polish Zlotys). Justification of the amount of financial resources applied for by the Applicant should be adequate to the proposed scope of the project and justified in the Application Form.


What can the funds be used for?


Funds may only be used for the activities described in the Project Application Form submitted to the Call for Proposals with regard to the Project. The funds may be used for various educational and artistic activities, costs of necessary workshops, trips, as well as materials and equipment used for the project. The total amount of remuneration for the Teacher or Teachers conducting the Project or persons employed to carry out the Project may not exceed 1/4 of the amount of the  Funding;  


When can applications be submitted?


We are accepting applications for the program via the Online Form until May 13, 2022.


When should the project be implemented?


The Project should be implemented during the 2022/2023 school year, with a deadline of September 1, 2022, at the earliest and June 24, 2023, at the latest.


How to submit an application?


Applications for the Competition are collected exclusively via the Online Form. By submitting the Form, you declare that you have the permission of the Headmaster of the High School of Visual Arts to submit and implement the submitted Project.


In case of any questions regarding submitting an application,

please contact Program Manager Agata Bańkowska at: / tel. +48 726 700 715


Can I submit more than one project to the Competition?


  • A maximum of 3 projects from a given school will be accepted for the Contest evaluation. 
  • If more than one project is submitted by a single School, the order of submission will determine which of the three projects will be accepted for further competition evaluation.
  • Each project should be submitted on a separate Application Form.


How does the contest procedure work? 


Applications submitted to the Competition will first undergo a formal assessment.

Applications that pass the formal assessment will be presented to the Competition Jury, which will make a substantive assessment according to the educational and artistic criteria described below. After the substantive assessment, the Jury shall prepare a ranking of submitted projects, recommending them for funding in order for the Board of the Starak Family Foundation to pass a resolution on awarding funding.

The final decision to grant funding is made by the Board of the Starak Family Foundation. The decision of the Board cannot be appealed. The results of the Competition, including the list of laureates awarded funding, will be published on the Starak Family Foundation website.


What are the criteria of substantive evaluation of the Project?


 The most important criterion of merit evaluation of a Project is its innovativeness and durability. 


Novelty is understood as a creative approach and unconventional thinking within the framework of the implemented project (as opposed to ideas being a simple replication or imitation). We appreciate the use of new artistic practices, which to a large extent exceed the classical definitions of art and its disciplines. However, not only are new ideas or techniques innovative, but also for example the use of forgotten techniques, materials, or design.


We think of ideas that are lasting and durable as ones that do not succumb to the fads of the moment and are committed to sustainable development based on deep intellectual and ethical reflection. These are projects that have a chance not to be a one-off, but to be developed in the future or to be part of a larger undertaking.


Project evaluation will be conducted according to the following criteria:


 Compliance with the objectives of the Wena Grant Program, i.e.:


  • supporting arts education in the visual arts; 
  • opening new perspectives for high school students who associate their future with art; 
  • inspiring students to independent creative activities;
  • developing critical and creative perception of art; 
  • developing competence in co-creation and teamwork;
  • Supporting the staff of teachers conducting education in the field of fine arts by popularizing creative teaching methods, enabling education in extracurricular activities implemented beyond the core curriculum.  

The educational value of the project:


  • Building independence and involvement of students to undertake creative activities, developing their passions and interests;
  • Development of students' competencies in teamwork, joint implementation of the project, joint development of ideas and solutions;
  • Shaping among students the attitude of conscious and critical reception of art;
  • Modernity, creativity, and innovation of teaching methods.


Artistic value of the project:


  • Ingenuity, innovative character, originality, and durability of the Project;
  • Attractiveness of the presentation of the project's results, strength, and originality of the message, multilayered and open to wide interpretation;
  • Involvement of the artistic community in the region, in Poland, and/or abroad (contact with artists, institutions, universities);
  • If the final result of the project is the creation of an artistic work, its artistic evaluation will also take into account: 
  • purposeful and thoughtful communication of the composition;
  • the skill of correct use of artistic and technical means, 
  • use of interesting artistic techniques and technologies.


Project organization:


  • A well-formulated plan of project activities and a time schedule for their implementation;
  • Adequacy of the project budget in relation to the planned activities.

Social impact of the project (additional points):


  • Addressing socially important topics;
  • Cooperation with non-governmental organizations;
  • Cooperation or impact on the local community.


Competition Schedule:


  • Application submission: by May 13, 2022.
  • Announcement of results: June 2022.
  • Project implementation: September 2022 - June 2023. 


*Due to the still ongoing pandemic and the possibility of other factors destabilizing the operation of schools, we reserve the right to make changes to the above schedule.

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