Second Edition

In the 2nd edition of the "Wena" Grant Program competition, the School of Fine Arts from the Art Schools Complex in Bydgoszcz received funding for an educational and artistic project entitled "Measure". The aim of the project is to create a professional multimedia space enabling creative activities of students at school: film screenings, online meetings, workshops, discussion panels, meetings with artists and culture creators. The school has repeatedly struggled with the problem of inadequate projection space (the school library seats only 25 people).



The project with regard to the purchase of equipment and materials is partly financed from the school's own resources and partly from the grant awarded. The pandemic is not helping with the implementation of the project as planned. The screening of filmmakers in the thematic block "Family" along with a panel discussion, initially planned for December 2020 took place ONLINE. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, many of the objectives were achieved, namely: the assembly hall and workshop rooms were equipped with blackout blinds, audiovisual equipment, and a computer was purchased. The planned workshops were carried out online: introducing students to the Design Thinking method, student activation workshops "Needs", "How to make a film?” workshops, and screenwriting workshops which resulted in scripts prepared for the final project.

The final result of the work and activities in the newly equipped and adapted room is a documentary film about specific problems posed to the students during the project, related to family, diversity, tolerance, relations, closeness, solitude, and intimacy.

The project is led and supervised by Agnieszka Elwertowska-Komuniewska, Vice-Director for Artistic Affairs at the School of Visual Arts in Bydgoszcz, together with a team of teachers: Dorota Lipowska, Alicja Witkowska (Design Thinking), Monika Pyszczyńska, Łukasz Wiese.

The following people were invited to cooperate:  


Weronika Płaczek - Director of the International Animated Films Festival "Animocje" 

Szymon Idczak - ORZEŁ Cinema in Bydgoszcz 

Maciej Rant - Director of this International Short Films Festival "ŻubrOffka" 

Adam Piasecki - „KolorOFFon" association (Przeźrocza Festival), 

Sandra Ksepka - author of the montage of films screened at numerous festivals in Poland and abroad,

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