Third Edition

Within the framework of the project, an installation will be created in the string art technique (manual, handicraft technique, based on the creation of visual effects - "three-dimensional images", made of threads stretched between points in space) and will constitute a completed work, but also serve as a carrier, background for the content, which will be contained in the light projection (mapping).


"Limitations and social isolation, which we acutely feel, deepened our reflection on the communication medium that is the Internet, its real role in our lives, and the function it plays in our lives. The aim of our project is to create an artistic work that takes up a wide range of issues - psychological and social, from the perspective of ourselves; teenagers, artists, young women. We want to talk about what we look for on the Internet and what we find there. What emotions and thoughts accompany us and what consequences we bear as a result of these quests". 

Zuzanna Krasuska


"The project we have undertaken will go beyond school requirements in every respect and will extend them. The execution will require the group members to acquire new knowledge beyond school curriculum in terms of the techniques used: mapping, string art, and installation planning".  

Zuzanna Krasuska


So far, parts of the project stages have been completed. This year, there was a trip to Łódź for the Light Move Festival 2021, where the female students attended lectures and established contacts with companies specializing in video mapping.


In November, an organizational meeting was held on the implementation of the artistic concept in the 3D mapping technique, i.e. light projection adjusted to a non-uniform space. The training company Modulor-VR/Modulor-Mapping was chosen. At this moment several online meetings have been held to discuss the scope of the training. A physical and financial schedule for the project has been established. A projector, a key purchase in terms of tools for the project, has been purchased. We keep our fingers crossed for the success of this original venture.


Zuzanna Krasuska - the teacher in charge, teaches the subject of exhibition space design and interior design as part of the space design specialization at the State High School of Visual Arts in Warsaw. Interior designer by education and profession.






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