With courage into the world thanks to scholarships run by friendly foundations

This year's high school graduates are an exceptional class. Their education took place against a backdrop of difficult, unexpected and completely new experiences, such as the pandemic and months of remote education. In spite of this, the Starak Family Foundation and the Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation happily set the next scholarship recipients on their way, who celebrated the end of the Horizons Scholarship Programme on 31 May. The event took place at the Syreni Śpiew club in Warsaw. There were many special guests there, including Jerzy Starak, entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

The Horyzonty Scholarship Programme provides comprehensive support for male and female students from small towns who want to gain knowledge and develop in high schools and technical schools in large cities. On the one hand, it is material support: covering the costs of accommodation and board at a boarding school, language courses, and holidays. On the other hand, it is also a unique adventure of several years, during which the young people build self-esteem and make long-term friends. Together, they enter into adult life.


Another year group, thanks to the cooperation of the Starak Family Foundation and the EFC Foundation, as well as the efforts of the programme coordinators, completed their secondary school education. Over the years, the organisations have jointly supported the scholarship holders in numerous initiatives, so that just after the students had written their final exams, they could say a moving farewell to them and positively set them up for life's next challenges. During the meeting, diplomas and yearbooks were handed out, commemorating all scholarship recipients who have completed this stage of their education in 2022. 


The evening brought a lot of joy - not only great fun, but also memories spoke directly from the stage by the president of the EFC Foundation, Aleksandra Saczuk. We learned about the achievements, numerous dreams and goals that these ambitious young people had set for themselves. There was also support from Jerzy Starak, who congratulated the high school graduates on completing such an important stage in their lives. He was keen to share lessons from his personal experience - Your ambition and aspiration are a chance for a better world. Erase 'impossible' from your vocabulary, because - observing many people's successes over the years - I see that if someone cares about something and is determined, they achieve what they set out to do. He also gave a valuable tip: Look for your speciality, in line with your predisposition, and an activity that will give you satisfaction, then you will never have the feeling that you are at work.


These are not just random words. The Horyzonty Scholarship also helps people to develop their passions and to find their own path by using the tutoring method. These are objectives that are particularly important to the Starak Family Foundation, which has been supporting the Horyzonty Scholarship Programme organised by the EFC Foundation since 2016. This foundation's contribution has so far provided scholarships for 220 students, 143 of whom have already graduated. Many of them are now achieving professional and academic success, thanks to their choice of the best universities in Poland and the world.


The Horizons Scholarship Programme is also a story of long-standing cooperation between the two family foundations, as Igor Czernecki, Chairman of the EFC Foundation Board, said at the event. - The partnership with the Starak Family Foundation is not only a major achievement in terms of the scale of our scholarship programme. It is also an unprecedented example in Poland of the fact that foundations are governed by different laws than the market. In the third sector, there is no competition and no patents for a good idea. By acting together, more can be achieved.


It is difficult not to agree with this. The foundations have found good partners in each other, who manage the institutions they run in a modern way and implement the original and, most importantly, effective Horizons Scholarship Programme. The partnership is mutual assistance and shared responsibility built on trust. This trust is not only shared by the two foundations but above all by young people. After all, the future of our society depends on them. The Horizons programme and the partnership between the two foundations serve to make this trust a good and wise investment.

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