We have the results of the 4th edition of "Wena"!


The deliberations of the Competition Jury of the 4th edition of the nationwide "Wena" Grant Programme of the Starak Family Foundation entitled „Sztuka naprawiania świata” („The Art of Repairing the World”) have been concluded. The competition task was to prepare an original, one of a kind educational and artistic project, using widely understood means of artistic expression, reflecting the theme of the Competition.

The Jury composed of: Anna Woźniak-Starak - Chairwoman of the Jury, Prof. Piotr Korduba - Vice-Chairman of the Jury, Director of the Art History Institute of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Prof. Tomasz Milanowski - Dean of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Sebastian Cichocki - Curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Helena Czernecka - Art historian, Michał Borowik - Art collector - Borowik Collection, acting on the basis of substantive criteria: the educational and artistic value of the project, the plan of activities in the project, the adequacy of the budget, the social impact of the project, awarded grants to the following art high schools:


1. „Kinestezje” (”Kinesthesia”) High School of Visual Arts in Gronów Górny

2. „Cztery żywioły/Four Elements" Tadeusz Brzozowski State Secondary School of Visual Arts in Krosno

3. „Mozaikowy zawrót głowy” (”Mosaic Vertigo”) Jacek Malczewski State Secondary School of Visual Arts in Częstochowa

4. „Prawa człowieka są we mnie/warsztat interdyscyplinarny” (”Human rights are within me/interdisciplinary workshop”) Leon Wyczółkowski State High School of Visual Arts in Bydgoszcz

5. „Kryzys namalowany” (”Painted crisis”) Józef Pankiewicz State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Katowice

6. „Eko rzeźby” (”Eco-sculptures”) Eric Mendelsohn State Lyceum of Fine Arts in Olsztyn

7. ”Take a look" Józef Brandt State Secondary School of Visual Arts in Radom

8. „Rzeczy małe?” (”Small things?”) Tadeusz Brzozowski State Secondary School of Visual Arts in Krosno

9. „Artystyczne meble z recyclingu” (”Artistic furniture from recycling”) Józef Szermentowski State Secondary Art School in Kielce

10. „Po co nam ten cały film?” (”Why do we need all this film?”) Secondary School of Visual Arts in Gronów Górny


The jury unanimously decided to select the best ten projects. The jury emphasised the quality, maturity and professionalism of the submitted concepts, which in an original and comprehensive way reflected the leading theme of the Competition.


We would like to congratulate all the project teams for their creative efforts and for submitting ideas that go beyond the school's core curriculum.



Preparation for printing and the printing itself and ways of promoting the book. The publishing house donated books of children's literature for the project participants.


A website was created, presenting examples of various interpretations of the content entitled1000 ways to visually interpret a literary text". During the meetings, the pupils analysed material obtained from the website:


In November, a meeting and analysis of the book entitled. "I am the Island" by Bruno Nunes Coelho. In December, the project participants remotely interviewed the illustrator about the creative processes that occur when creating artwork to illustrate literary texts.


As a result of internal collaboration at the school, the students focused on creating a personal sketchbook to promote the habit of keeping daily visual notes. Using paper cuttings from the print shop donated to the school, the pupils created notebooks and designed banners. This way, sketchbooks of different formats were created, with a variety of paper types. These outsides of the project activities will continue in a content-developed series of meetings promoting daily sketching as an idea for developing creative sensibility and creativity.


In January of 2022, the last of the planned meetings with illustrators and book authors took place. Luciano Lozano, a Spanish illustrator, talked about his creative process and his books.


The impressive results of this international project sensitised the students to the interpretative openness that good illustration contains and to the building of relationships. 


During the finale, the publication „Have a Look”, designed and published by the students, was presented, as well as a know-how booklet containing a collection of information, recommendations and good practices on developing as an illustrator. The school library involved in the project's activities were enriched with a unique set of more than one hundred and fifty illustrated and themed books, selected on the basis of young people's interests and current trends in the international publishing market and recommendations from guest speakers. 


The students designed four fonts, thus learning new typefaces. The fonts are available under free licences to all willing users.


The pleasure of taking part at the end of the project caused us, representing the Foundation, to reflect further on the sustainability of phenomena and relationships. The finale of 'Have a look' took place in the visual arts auditorium, refurbished as part of the Starak Family Foundation's „Miarka” or „Measure” project, awarded in the second edition of the „Wena” Grant Programme Competition.

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