Finale of the Warsaw visual arts project „Pokój, Światło, Sieć” or „Peace, Light, Network"

The premiere of the final multimedia show, prepared by third-year students of the Wojciech Gerson State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Warsaw, took place on 21 June at the headquarters of our Foundation. The event crowned the Starak Family Foundation's "Wena" Grant Programme, awarded in the third edition of the competition, entitled „Świat z mojego okna” or "The world from my window" - a project entitled „Pokój. Światło. Sieć” or  "Peace. Light. Network”.


The show brought together the authors and educators of the high school, together with the project coordinator Zusanna Krasuska. The student's families and friends attended. The Competition Chapter was represented by Anna Woźniak-Starak, Chairwoman, and Michał Borowik, Art Collector, Borowik Collection. The Starak Family Foundation was represented by: Wiesława Giedrojć and Curator Anna Muszyńska.


An innovative installation in the technique of string art (a manual, handicraft technique involving the creation of three-dimensional images made of threads stretched between points in space) was presented and constituted a finished work. It served as a medium and background for the content of the mapping.


No less important than the attractive technique for the viewer was the idea and message of the show. The students discovered and located the theme of the competition, „Świat z mojego okna” or 'The world from my window', on a computer screen - learning, resting and working in pandemic isolation. The creators talked about and confronted what they were looking for on the World Wide Web: from information and reflections to refreshments. Without ready-made prescriptions or answers, viewer could name their own emotions and make their own choices.


"Sincere congratulations to the creators of the project „Pokój. Światło. Sieć” or 'Peace. Light. Network', realised as part of the „Wena” Grant Programme Competition. It is a dynamic, energetic and visually refined show, illustrating the feeling of coexistence with the reality of the Internet, of the youngest generation. The choice of subject is surprising. After all, we do not suspect contemporary teenagers of having a critical approach to the world in which they have functioned since birth, unable to remember the environment of analogue information or entertainment. Formally, it is an interesting, interdisciplinary combination of installation, string-art, video and mapping, which fits in well with the current artistic search and at the same time intensely engages the viewer. 


Particularly noteworthy is the background music by student Marcel Rawski, which complements and significantly enriches the image," wrote Ania Muszyńska, curator of Spectra Art Space at the Starak Family Foundation, after the premiere of the show.


The project went beyond the school curriculum in every respect. The realisation required the members of the group to work together and acquire new knowledge of the techniques used: mapping, string art and installation planning, as well as the ability to work in a team. A big round of applause!  


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