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In the school year 2019/2020, the Starak Family Foundation continues to be engaged in the Horizons Scholarship Programme. The Foundation currently finances 120 scholarships for young people from small towns, from economically disadvantaged homes. In the frame of the Programme, young people decided to continue their education in the best and most interesting high schools and vocational schools situated in large cities across Poland.




The third edition of the Horizons Scholarship Programme involving the Starak Family Foundation – July 2018. The Starak Family Foundation has financed scholarships for 40 Fellows. This means that since September 2018, the Foundation has granted a total of 120 Fellows with the scholarship. Our young Fellows frequently take part in local initiatives, helping to raise money for social causes, conducting voluntary work or helping as tutors. Among them are scouts, wild animal keepers, engineers mending old machines, and advisors to the Children’s Rights Ombudsman. They are open-headed, full of ideas, and fearless.




The second edition of the Horizons Scholarship Programme involving the Starak Family Foundation – July 2017

The Starak Family Foundation has financed 40 new scholarships which means that the total number of the Foundation’s Fellows increased from 40 to 80 students. Among them are many students with vast extracurricular interests such as journalism, art and culture. Many of them practice a variety of sports. Some of the Fellows are students at music schools, intending to continue their education and future career in that field.



The first edition of the Horizons Scholarship Programme involving the Starak Family Foundation – July 2016.

The Starak Family Foundation has financed 40 scholarships for exceptionally talented youths. The Fellows commenced their education in high schools in Bielsko-Biala, Gdansk, Gdynia, Katowice, Cracow, Krosno, Lodz, Olsztyn and Warsaw. 30 of the Fellows were laureates or finalists of Olympiad exams. Many of them are also socially engaged. One of the Fellows was active in the Youth City Council and in the European Youth Parliament.

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