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Force Field

Force Field - Emerging Polish Artists in Venice.

Emerging Polish Artists

8th May – 15th September 2019
Oficine 800, Fondamenta San Biagio 800
Giudecca, Venice


Artists: Norbert Delman, Małgorzata Goliszewska, Bartek Górny, Laura Grudniewska, Marta Hryniuk, Kornel Janczy, Tomasz Koszewnik, Dorota Kozieradzka, Magdalena Łazarczyk, Karolina Mełnicka, Maciej Nowacki, Cyryl Polaczek, Stach Szumski


Curator: Ania Muszyńska
Promoter: Starak Family Foundation


The Force Field exhibition is a performance of energy, boldness and weight of Polish contemporary art, presented in Venice from 8 May to 15 September. The premiere projects of thirteen artists, who currently represent the young generation’s cutting edge compose a captivating and multi-faceted narrative about the present, past and future.


The Force Field exhibition is an attempt to capture the common denominator for the subjective viewpoint of the reality, which binds all artists. This is because most of them draw their attention to affective experiences, personal relations, intimate emotions. They regard art as a “force field” which generates an alternative zone of unfettered and creative development, a safe space. The artists seem to accept the fact that art does not have hard tools at its disposal which could remedy political, social or environmental crises they both witness and experience. Is this deliberate and cautious withdrawal a sign of passivity? On the contrary. Contemplations being a condensation of attention require peacefully safe places, and it is from them that the force with which the artists’ statements intrude into the reality is derived. A clearly outlined conclusion is an elusive or even unuttered nostalgy for the disappearing foundations. Incontestable values, acceptance of corporeal passing, credibility of relations, environmental equilibrium, locality of crises that gives an opportunity for a real activity. The contemporary young Polish art is inquisitive, attentive and critical. It happens that it assumes the form of a socially involved activity, it often couples with diligent manual labour. Elsewhere it forms a charming phantasy or an astounding, albeit challenging, pleasure. Sequences overlap, the preset mechanisms work with the preset and intended force. The role of an artist as a strict critic, a vigilant observer, is undertaken in a responsible manner, and maturity reaches its path.




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