Fourth Edition


High School of Fine Arts in Gronów Górny

The sources of inspiration and emanation of the 'Kinesthesias' project are to be found in the mature theories of renowned conceptual art artists. May we remind you that this year's 4th edition of the "Wena" Grant Programme Competition entitled „Sztuka naprawiania świata” („The Art of Repairing the World”), refers to the work of Jerzy Ludwiński, critic and writer, and lover of conceptual art. In the 1970s, the artist compared art to glue. Art joins together different, seemingly incompatible elements, fills in the gaps and makes our lives full of surprises. The „Kinestehesias” project broadens the spectrum of its 'impact' and aims to present students with many more profiles of artists, their concepts and conceptual currents in Polish and foreign contemporary art. The project assumes a critical study of the concepts of Jerzy Ludwiński, Yoko Ono, Joseph Kosuth, Joseph Beuys, Wanda Gołkowska, Edward Krasiński, Tadeusz Kantor, Roman Opałka, Andrzej Szewczyk, Krzysztof Wodiczko, etc. 


An important element of the project is study visits focused on learning about the collections and exhibition profiles of institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK, the Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka Centre for the Documentation of the Art and the Gallery - Studio of Tadeusz Kantor in Kraków, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery. 


The key outcomes of the project include creative reflection on the crisis of relations and ways to repair the world through art; deepening awareness of the strategies accompanying the creative process while creating sketches and photographs during the open-air workshop in Kraków; creating projects for a contemporary interpretation of Wanda Gołkowska's Kinesthesion*; and creating an exhibition documenting the creative process of project participants, including conceptual sketches, recordings, and documentary material, as well as attempting to create an installation inspired by „Kinesthesion”. 


Paulina Łuczak - project coordinator, an art history teacher.


Małgorzata Olewnik - teacher of basic design and multimedia design.


*Kinesthesion” (1970) by Wanda Gołkowska is one of the artist's most interesting works belonging to conceptual art, published in the catalogue of the exhibition "Sztuka Pojęciowa” or "Conceptual Art", organised by Jerzy Ludwiński at the "Pod Mona Lizą” Gallery. It was a design for a spherical room, with a flexible, transparent platform for the viewer. The viewer would be between two film images projected onto the inner surfaces of the sphere: representing the sky - at the bottom - and the earth - at the top. This work dealt with the issue of perception, already important to the artist. "Kinesthesion", however, was not about the perception of external forms, but primarily about the sensations of one's own body. The title was explained by the dictionary definitions quoted by Gołkowska: "Kinesthesion" - the sense of position and movement of body parts in relation to each other. (...) Cenesthesia - a general sense, a totality of indeterminate sensations, a sense of one's own body.


The never realised „Kinesthesion” project, theoretically possible, was poetic and fantastic and, as art critic Pawel Polit noted, "close to the aesthetics of the sublime."



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