Fourth Edition

„Small Things?”

Tadeusz Brzozowski State High School of Visual Arts in Krosno

Analysis of the project of the Krosno State High School of Fine Arts and juxtaposing it with the experience of its coordinator, Ms. Joanna Topolska-Uliasz, one can get the impression that Ms Joanna has poured her entire pedagogical and artistic practice onto the project's paper.


The aim of the project is the activation and integration - through art - of young Ukrainians, who, as a result of the war, are now living and studying in Poland. Participants in the project will become familiar with the full technology process of the traditional printmaking workshop. The project will support teaching staff who provide education in the field of visual arts by popularising creative teaching methods that go beyond the school curriculum.


Young people will spend their free time creatively getting to know the customs, traditions and everyday life of neighbouring countries - seemingly small things, but so important and fundamental, especially in a mentally and physically weakened post-pandemic world, additionally experienced by the cruelty of war.   


The project's message of being able to see the small things, the small joys in everyday life, through which everyone, every day, can make a difference. The participation of young people from Ukraine in joint artistic work has an enormous integrating, mental and perhaps even therapeutic significance. The project is distinguished by the author's unconventional approach to printmaking as a field of fine arts, which she wants to pass on to the participants in cooperation with the Slovak artist Phd. Miroslav Capovčák.


Joanna Topolska-Uliasz - project coordinator, graphic artist, painter and cultural animator. Graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Rzeszów and obtained her diploma in the intaglio workshop of Professor Włodzimierz Kotkowski in 2004. She works with printmaking and design, as well as drawing and painting. She is the founder of the Traditional Printmaking Studio at the Regional Centre of Borderland Cultures in Krosno, where she runs classes with children, young people and adults. In 2018, the Printmaking Studio received the Award of the Mayor of the City of Krosno for special achievements in artistic creation, dissemination of culture and protection of cultural heritage. She is also involved in photography and belongs to the RCKP Photoclub.



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