Fourth Edition

„A crisis painted”

Józef Pankiewicz State Secondary School of Visual Arts in Katowice

The design team of the Katowice visual arts high school will tackle the most serious challenge of the modern generation - the climate crisis. Creating a work in the form of a mural, as an artistic form of manifestation in opposition to the 'broken world', expressing oneself through art, is an innovative project that goes beyond the school curriculum.


The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the multi-level climate crisis, improve urban aesthetics, and the form of street art can be an excellent opportunity for dialogue between young visual artists and the community.


The students will be tasked with creating mural designs related to the climate crisis. The project team will apply to all institutions for the necessary approvals and administrative permits. They will then attend lectures with climate activists to deepen their knowledge of climate risks and ways to protect nature.


An intra-school competition will be held for the design of the mural, extended to include consultation with experts and visual artists.


Last but not least the project will involve the creation of a mural in a place that is not accidental, as it will be located in the subway connecting the city with the Silesian Park, in line with the pro-ecological idea of the concept. The two walls of the mural, situated vis-à-vis each other, will contrast and present two visions of the world: that of a world destroyed by climate change and that of a world which protects the environment. Anti-smog, air-purifying paints will be used for the murals.


Aneta Jurczyńska - project coordinator, teacher of drawing and painting. Graduate of the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Katowice. Studies at the Faculty of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Diploma with honours in the painting studio. Teacher at the State School of Fine Arts in Katowice since 2006. Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and Arts 2003, 2004 exhibition „Dyplom 2004” or "Diploma 2004" in BWA (The Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions) in Katowice, 2005 Individual exhibition of paintings in the gallery of the Stanisław Wyspiański Silesian Theatre in Katowice, post-exhibition "Plener Katowice 2005" - ZSP in Katowice - Museum of the History of Katowice - ZPAP Katowice gallery, 2006 „Jestem” or „I am” exhibition at BWA in Katowice, 2006 „Asystenci 2006” or "Assistants 2006" exhibition at the Elektrownia Contemporary Art Gallery in Czeladź, 2006 distinction in the IV All-Polish Painting Competition „Triennale z martwą naturą” or "Triennale with Still Life" in Sieradz, 2006 „V Triennale Autoportretu” or "V Self-portrait Trienniale" exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Radom, 2006 post-competition exhibition of the Franciszek Eibisch Foundation at the Art. Franciszka Eibisch in the Katarzyna Napiórkowska Art Gallery in Warsaw, 2006 individual painting exhibition in the "Fanaberia" teahouse gallery in Bytom, 2008 „Dziecko” or "Child" exhibition in the Art Nova2 gallery in Katowice.


fot: Photo by Jonne Huotari on Unsplash

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