Second Edition

8th edition of the social action "Culture doesn't hurt. Me+You=We!"

The Visual Arts School Complex in Częstochowa, during the 2nd edition of the "Wena" Grant competition, was awarded a grant for the creation of an educational and artistic project, connected with the implementation of the 8th edition of the social campaign "Culture doesn't hurt. Me+You=We!”. This time, students reflected in this project the theme of interpersonal relations, closeness, trust, respect, empathy in contrast to aggression, isolation, hatred in shared public spaces. 


June 10, 2021, was the date of the 8th edition of the social campaign "Culture doesn't hurt" under the slogan "Me + You = We!”. The happening started with a colorful procession of students from the school to Biegański Square in the city of Częstochowa.  

This valuable initiative of the School Complex from Częstochowa, with each year, has more and more local reception noticeable both in the press and social media. The aim of the project is to sensitize the local community to proper forms of behavior, relations in shared spaces, but also in the family home, at school, and at work. Creative activities undertaken by students are of great educational importance.

The forms of students' expression include social posters, multimedia works, happenings, competitions, street games, a rock concert, and even a short sign language course. Each form conveyed messages about inappropriate social habits, sometimes in shocking or ridiculing ways. The students presented their posters in the so-called MOBILE GALLERY, i.e. city buses made available free of charge, which could be used thanks to the kindness and cooperation of the Municipal Transport Company.


This year's edition of the project, touching on the themes of tolerance and closeness, in the face of the prevailing pandemic, is of special value for interpersonal contacts. The title of the project expressed by the mathematical equation "Me + You = We!” perfectly reflects its purpose and the topic of the second edition of the "Wena" Grant Program competition - Closeness and interpersonal relations, in which the project of the high school in Częstochowa was awarded and honored with a financial grant.


The Starak Family Foundation has joined the group of laureates of the Częstochowa high school students' undertaking with full confidence. The project submitted to the competition was not created with the pure logic of a grant. It has its continuity and durability as well as a broad social impact. The activities undertaken within the framework of the project reflect how education and art in their combination help value reality, point to what is positive or negative. Art as an educational factor provokes to think and choose the socially appropriate attitude, supports young people in their preparation to a wise and conscious presence in the modern world and to active participation in cultural life. 


We support and thank young people for their actions and work for the benefit of the noble action "Culture doesn't hurt". Each edition is another brick, building a better world based on proper interpersonal relations, full of empathy, respect, sensitivity to others, and bringing good.


All works created during the campaign can be viewed on the fan page of the project:



Elżbieta Siwik and Agnieszka Tyrman - are graphic design teachers and have been leading the project for its eight editions. They have many years of experience in running social campaigns, which have resulted in over 300 student works.

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